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We believe that partnerships make us stronger so we collaborate with a broad spectrum of businesses, research institutes, governmental bodies, non-profit organisations and individuals to grow and nurture our vision for building a better food system and resilient communities.

by sharing the value, we invest ourselves in a fully collaborative model, and continuously search for like-minded partners that are willing to join forces and maximize the impact on global food systems.



  1. Affiliate Partners


We are partnering with experienced professionals with a proven track record in the Food and Beverages industry. They are boosting SACOMA’s commercial presence around the world and expanding our hub network along with it.

If you believe our service model can benefit your network of contacts and clients, this may be perfect for you. With us, you will remain fully independent while navigating the industry in your region.


   2.Technology Partners


Tech is what drives us from the beginning, and we are never going to stop. We work with partners worldwide since we believe that collaboration is the key to continuous innovation.

Do you have machinery, systems, hardware, or software that can help making food production safer and more efficient? Please get in touch with our Engineering and IT experts so we can build better systems together.




To provide a comprehensive understanding of our customers, we are setting up Insight communities’ programme in order to infuse meaningful customer feedback into our product innovation process, marketing/packaging and customer experiences. In this way we will be using a New Approach to Customer Intelligence.

Customers point out our problems. They show us where our opportunities are. And we recognize that if we don’t really get to know them it’s going to be difficult for us to break through. That is why we are setting up this insight community programme to engage with our consumers and stakeholders.

To grow our business, we continue put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We want to have such an incredible journey together, as we are always trying new things and pushing ourselves to be a better, more customer centric brand; we look forward to continuing to grow as partners in the future.

Joining our insight community is by INVITE-ONLY.

To join the insight community please email our founder CEO at OR

Our insight community is integral to us delivering new programs and projects, and growing the business. We want to:

  • Recruit and curate a community of engaged customers

  • Generate ideas collaboratively; Create new products, and get early stage ideas validated, in collaboration with our customers

  • Avoid operating with out-of-date market knowledge and information

  • Avoid investing in the wrong products and features

  • Avoid Misguided decisions (depending on ”gut instinct” rather than data-backed thinking)

  • Build a single view of the customer across the business

  • Drive smart product building; Collect instant feedback from ideas to launch, infusing customer intelligence into product development and design

  • Capture deep customer profiles that build on itself over time

  • Gather on-going, actionable insight that can be shared across the enterprise and with stakeholders

  • Validate go-to-market messaging; Launch assumption tests (positioning, packaging, promotions, creative), and test prices and elasticity.

  • Assesses post-launch success, Track soft metrics, and collect feedback on key moments, conduct transactional deep dives and spot problems early.

  • tested widely for reliability across cultures


We can’t risk developing a product no one wants to buy. To innovate with confidence, we need continuous feedback from the people who know your brand best: our customers and partners.

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