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Iron Rich Foods    ( Hampers )


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Are you getting enough iron rich foods in your diet? Iron deficiency can cause all sorts of health issues, from fatigue to headaches. Iron deficiency also known as anaemia, a lack of iron is especially common in pregnant women, and can also affect those with coeliac disease. To avoid this along with your usual healthy snack, you should try to incorporate some iron rich foods into your meals. Sacoma has made iron rich food hamper with fantastic iron rich foods.


Iron deficiency or anaemia is a very common blood disorder. It is a condition where the body produces fewer red blood cells, whose main function is to carry oxygen to the brain and other parts of body. Haemoglobin is the most important component of red blood cells; it s a protein whose main function is to carry oxygen from lungs to body’s cells through bloodstream. Due to insufficient iron in the body, the body cannot produce enough haemoglobin to carry oxygen as a result a person feels tired and fatigued.



Bambara beans

Bee pollen

Pistachio nuts

Raw cacao beans



Blackstrap molasses

Organic  Honey with spirulina

Dandelion greens

Pumpkin seeds

Pinto Beans

Black beans


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Scientific name: Vignasubterranea is a member of the family Fabaceae. The plant originated in West Africa. Vignasubterranea ripens its pods underground, much like the peanut. They can be eaten fresh or boiled after drying. Bambara is a good source of fibre, calcium, iron, potassium, and is unusually high in methionine, an essential sulfur-containing amino acid. Anaemia is caused by lack of enough blood in the body. Regular intake of bambara beans helps the body manage anaemia. The nuts are rich in iron that enhances blood levels in the body.



What are functional foods?Functional foods are defined as conventional or modified foods that provide additional health benefits beyond basic nutrition. This normally includes foods high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and plant sterols

ORGANIC HONEY WITH SPIRULINA is especially effective in cases of anaemia, demineralization and exhaustion. It helps to recover the physical form, energy and vitality and to detoxify the organism.

Olympic athletes have been consuming spirulina to improve their athletic performance. Improves recovery and stimulates the immune system.

Spirulina is a Superfood that offers more digestible proteins than those of beef and contains a surprising variety of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, proteins, nucleic acids, chlorophyll, and a wide range of phytochemicals.

Spirulina has also been chosen by NASA to enrich the diet of astronauts in space missions.


For active smokers we recommend to you our just launched Honey with Moringa that has potent antioxidant activity that can prevent oxidative stress and DNA damage and repair hematologic status including in pregnant women who exposed to smoke in their environment.



Of all the popular nut varieties, pistachios have the most iron, containing 14mg per 100g – nearly 4 times the amount of almonds, brazils or cashews. They are also a great source of protein, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium, making pistachios the ideal healthy snack.



Dulse is a sea vegetable, harvested off the coast of Britain and Ireland. Dulse is one of the richest plant sources of iron and is high in iodine and protein too. It’s available in most health food shops.



Lentils are not only a great source of protein, carbs and fibre; they are also surprisingly high in iron. A cooked 150g portion will supply 5mg iron, nearly ½ the daily requirements for men, and a 1/3rd of the requirements for women.



After removal of the white crystals, the natural nutrients of the sugar cane are concentrated into this dark bittersweet treacle. Rich in iron (2 tbsp contain around 7mg iron) and other minerals, it’s a perfect natural sweetener.



Spirulina is an aquatic algae and contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients, absolutely necessary for the human body. It is the richest plant source of protein. It has all the essential amino acids that must be taken daily with food. It has the highest iron content of all plant foods. Is a source of vitamin B12, vitamin found only in animal foods. Contains many different plant nutrients, most with proven antioxidant properties. 200gr.



A diet plan for anemia needs to include a healthful balance of iron-rich foods, such as leafy vegetables, lean meat, nuts and seeds, and fortified breakfast cereals. It is also crucial to include foods that can improve the body’s absorption of iron and avoid foods that may interfere with this process.


Many foods contain high levels of iron. A person may find it easy to combine them and make tasty, nutritious meals that help to boost the intake of iron.


Fruits and vegetables


curly kale and other varieties


collard greens

dandelion greens

Swiss chard

citrus fruits

red and yellow peppers



However, some dark, leafy greens also contain oxalates, which can inhibit iron absorption. Rather than relying solely on vegetables, a person should aim to get iron from a variety of sources.


Nuts and seeds

pumpkin seeds



hemp seeds

pine nuts

sunflower seeds

Meat and Fish














Dairy products

raw milk



Beans and pulses

kidney beans



black-eyed peas

pinto beans

black beans


lima beans

Also, it may be a good idea to choose iron-fortified cereals, bread products, orange juice, rice, and pasta.


Raw cacao

Raw CACAO (not to be confused for COCOA), is made by cold pressing raw cacao beans ensuring that no nutrients are lost by heat treating. Unlike cocoa which has been roasted and heavily processed, raw cacao maintains its high nutritional profile making it a superfood loaded with flavonoids and magnesium.

Cacao is the perfect way to satisfy your cravings for chocolate without overloading your system with processed sugar. Load up on this superfood because there are 10 amazing health benefits of consuming raw cacao!

It is exceptionally rich in cocoa flavanols - a plant-based antioxidant which studies have shown support a wide range of health benefits from reducing tiredness and fatigue to improving heart health, cognitive function and regulating blood pressure.

7 Health Benefits Of Cocoa Nibs · 1. Antioxidants · 2. Flavonoids · 3. Can Fight Cardiovascular Disease · 4. Fiber · 5. Magnesium · 6. Potassium · 7. Improved Mood.

Iron Rich Foods ( Hampers )

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