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SACOMA RETAIL LAUNCHPAD for ethnic food Artisan. For Food Artisans with food ideas, Indigenous Knowledge and skills in food processing and preservation.

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Our vision is to create a network of innovators so powerful whose ideas will change the world. With continuous R&D, we help Food Artisans and Innovators to get ready and launch unique, innovative, natural or sustainable food products On the Retail and Distribution.


We connect ideas, people, and communities to drive food innovation that changes lives. We inspire artisans’ research, develop, create and reformulate packaged sustainable foods and drinks.

Q1. Do you have a great food idea for the UK and global markets?


Q2. Do you have a great business story to tell and want to inspire others with your food idea, knowledge and skill?


Q3. Do you want to keep your food idea fresh and update with new ingredients or formulations?


Q4. Do you want to discover insights how top food innovators and big brands, develop, create, design, package their new food ideas.

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The collaborations in the sacomaLaunch pad initiative focus new food trends for health and well-being, sustainable food and consumer goods production, distribution, packaging and consumption, which leads to a positive impact on the climate, health, and enviroment.

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Join more than 300 experts who share their keys to boosting food & beverage competitiveness. If you are ready to contribute your ideas, insights, tech trends, and disruptive solutions on food products, uniquefood processing skills & technology, packaging, safety, science, decarbonisation, sustainabilityetc, then join our global community.

Innovation is complex. The journey from idea to market is not straightforward and requires a diverse range of know-how, investment, market knowledge and research. We are passionate about working with innovative businesses to overcome these challenges and shape the opportunities and solutions.


Q3. If have Indigenous food recipe idea with a proven concept for food processing and preservation method?

Q4. If you have a great food idea that could possibly grow?

Q5. If want to launch you food products and sell them in our retail shop?


At SACOMA Global Foods Innovation, we have a programme for exceptional food ideas, artisans and; we can provide them with differential assistance:

  •         To test-sale the product on our retail shops

  •         To take original home-made recipes through industrial trials, reformulations, Lab tests and compliance

  •         To turn your food product idea into revenue producing business

  •         Set up a QMS inkling custom HACCP plan

  •         To  help get your products retail ready for our retail for novel product live

  •         Product specification creation

  •         To  make large batch quantities, increase volume, store long enough to retail

  •         Pallet configuration spec creation

  •         To Import/export/wholesale/Distribute or showcase your products in our UK Retail



These are just some of the benefits of joining this programme


        Access to researchers, consultants, experts etc microbiology, food nutritional, food technology for nutrients preservation, treatment, food safety standards and regulations, packaging and labelling, systems for traceability food authenticity.

        Access to mentors and partners plus Extensive contacts in international and the UK innovation landscape, particularly those working on Agritech or food innovation.

  •         Packaging designs and regulations.

  •         supply chain management.

  •         Technical expertise in manufacturing including disruptive manufacturing and product co-creation business deals.

  •         Price points and demographic targeting.

  •         Consumer research and market feasibility.

  •         Distribution logistics, storage, warehousing and movement of goods, stock inventory management to orders and  delivery

  •         Retail, exports and imports.

  •          Have personalized product section within our retail shop.

  •         Developing new business opportunities, build and facilitate relationship with project partners.

"If you are interested in becoming one of our Food Artisans or Trading  Partner, please, send a brief summary of your proposal to Or Or call Mobile +44 (0) 7764 961 489 for a brief chat or to meet with our founder Perez, whose enviable background in strategic innovation roles in both manufacturing and food innovation has equipped her with all the
experience and tools needed to lead our strategic food innovation ideas and projects"

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