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(New Product Development) Centre for Food Product Innovation

We’re creating a community of people that share a passion for food as a catalyst for change. We want to protect small-scale artisanal food production as a fundamental pillar for delivering adequate food. This means helping small scale farmers and food artisans earn a dignified living from their craft, so that future generations can enjoy a rich variety of food and rural communities can flourish.


The aim is to celebrate the diverse and evolving world of fine, local, British and International foods and offer small producers, startup businesses and farmers the chance to share their passion and expertise with the public.

Sacoma Food Innovation will support food SMEs to grow in the development of innovative products. We focus on six areas where you can gain more knowledge.

Knowledge is the fastest highway to growth - this is where the future lies. That is why we work to increase the use of research-based knowledge in the business world, for a beneficial collaboration with other small and medium-sized.

We believe that with the combined great experiences, we will help you develop innovative products for the food of the future.
















Who can we work with?

We help the food producer, the small innovative company and all the companies that work within smart packaging, ICT, foodtech and health, Businesses both large and small, research organizations, innovation enablers, providers and demonstrators.




















Celebrated chefs help to train, develop and improve our teams. Their skill and knowledge allows us to bring a diverse range of experience into our business and deliver memorable experiences for our customers.

We provide technical advice, guidance and consulting in the following areas…

  • New product development

  • Formulating food products

  • Raw Ingredients and material selection

  • Replacing contentious ingredients

  • Suitable preservative systems

  • Standards and certification

  • Packaging and labelling


If you are interested in becoming one of our food artisans &Trading Partners please, send a brief summary of your proposal to .Or call Mobile +44 (0) 7764 961 489 for a brief chat or to meet with Meet our MD and founder Perez. Perez’s enviable background in strategic innovation roles in both manufacturing and foodservice has equipped her with all the experience and tools needed to head up strategic innovation projects or to provide advice, guidance, and support – helping you to improve and develop the way you work.

My name is BisiOriola, the CEO of Ayamashe Original (aka Designer Sauce).

@ayamashe original is a freshly cooked and ready to eat green pepper sauce, made up of Fresh Green Bell Peppers, Green Chillies and Oninons, infused with tantalising spices including exotic locust beans with no added preservatives or colouring to satisfy everyone’s  taste bud.

It is available as hot or mild sauce as we aim to satisfy people that love their ayamashe very hot and ayamashe lovers but are pepper less .

Ayamashe originated from South Western part of Nigeria and has a history as a Warriors sauce while some classified it as a Love Sauce.


What we have done is making ayamashe enjoyable at the corner of your living room rather than being a party food that a lot of  people perceived it to be. We have taking the stress of bleaching palm oil, blending and tendering pepper from making ayamashe by making it available in a jar, yes in a JAR.


Ayamashe Original in a nut shell is so versatile that you can use it as a spread, to marinate or as a cooking sauce. All you need is you diced your cooked chicken, meat or prawns  and you are ready to go .It can also be used as a side sauce for your chips , salad 🥗 and fried eggs.

Bisi + Ayamashe.jpg
Mr &Mrs Chirchir harvetsing sweet potaoe
Winners logo.jpg
perez + Gulu.jpg


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