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Pure Natural Sri Lankan Coconut Oil


Description :

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.



  • 100% pure organic coconut


Coconut is considered as one of the healthiest superfoods in the world. The goodness of Sri Lankan Coconut is concentrated in this amazing product. Avonra Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made without adding any synthetic substances. The Coconut tree also called as the “Healthy lifeline” because of its benefits and uses that can get from almost all parts of the tree. In Ceylon it is called as the “KAPRUKA” because of these unlimited benefits and the uses.


Choosing a pure organic quality product from the market is a somewhat challenging task. Avonra natural virgin coconut oil is made using only the pure white kernel of coconut and applying mild heat (less than 60 degree Celsius) and then purified through various stages to bring you the best of the best. Rich with Lauric (C12) and Caprice (C10), Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a tastier and healthier alternative to Olive oil in every way. Compared with ordinary coconut oil, it is becoming more and more popular worldwide due to its indispensable nutrition and benefits.


Benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Avonra natural virgin coconut oil has a unique taste and cologne, rich in important antioxidants, and fatty acids. it may offer you many healing and therapeutic benefits. Organic virgin coconut oil has various benefits as follows.



FAT is one of the most important macronutrients essential to perform many functions of the human body. It helps to maintain body temperature within the normal range, protecting organs, producing hormones, and for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins that essentials for humans. Almost all calories contained in the coconut oil comes from fat. So, this is one of the most important benefits that can get from the virgin coconut oils to improve our healthy life.



13.5 grams of fat content in one tablespoon of the coconut oil and 9 calories contained in one gram of fat. So, if you consumed one tablespoon of coconut oil, it provides a total of 120 calories to your body.


Excessive Energy Booster

Bodybuilders, dieters, and athletes are used virgin coconut oil, because coconut oil has the ability to convert their fat into an instant energy source quickly without causing accumulation of fat in the heart and arteries.


Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Pure organic virgin coconut oil rich in polyunsaturated monounsaturated fatty acids-oleic acid and fatty acids-linoleic acid. The polyphenols in virgin coconut oil comprise gallic acid, which gives a unique taste that cannot experience other than that.


Minerals and Vitamins

Virgin coconut oil is not a good source of vitamins and minerals, However, its consist of iron fairly, a mineral that brings oxygen to all cells in the body. Virgin coconut oil also contained small amount of vitamin K and vitamin E which is essential to the human body.


Virgin Coconut oil For Cooking

Organic virgin coconut oil is steadier than many other vegetable oils and can maintain high temperatures that suited for cooking purpose.


Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Avonra natural organic virgin coconut oil has a mysterious and unique taste. This wonderful oil also has amazing nutrients and can bring a comprehensive healing effect. Improve heart health by increasing good cholesterol levels, help lose weight, reduce symptoms of infection, promote healthy skin and hair, promote digestion, and boost immunity are some health benefits of virgin coconut oil.


Promotes Levels of HDL Cholesterol

Virgin coconut oil can improve HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) levels and help promote heart health.


Weight Loss

Compared with all other comestible oils, coconut oil is easy to abridgement and helps the thyroid and endocrine system to function normally. Coconut oil can eliminate the pressure on the pancreas by burning energy, thereby increasing the body’s metabolic rate and helping obese people lose weight.


Pure Natural Sri Lankan Coconut Oil

  • What are the benefits of organic virgin coconut oil?

    Virgin coconut oil has a unique taste and cologne, rich in important antioxidants, and fatty acids. it may offer you many healing and therapeutic benefits. Organic virgin coconut oil has various health benefits including promotes levels of HDL cholesterol, weight loss, supports heart health, improves dental health, helps to digestive health, good for stress relief, solution for diabetes, improve bone health, and for treats epilepsy.


    Is there a difference between virgin and extra-virgin coconut oil?

    The extra virgin confined in coconut oil is essentially meaningless. Some companies promote their products as extra virgin coconut oil, but there is no difference between the virgin coconut oil and the extra virgin coconut oil.

  • Supports Heart Health

    Unprocessed diet rich coconut oil shows decrease bad cholesterol and increase in good cholesterol level. Considerable amount (around 50%) of fat in coconut oil made up in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), such as lauric acid, and they are easily digested by the bowels and can be used by the body to produce energy.

    Improves Dental Health

    The oil is effective against numerous dental problems.

    Digestive Health

    Virgin coconut oil consists of monolaurate and lauric acid in the fatty acids that has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. It helps to manage various fungus, and bacterial deceases.

    Stress Relief

    Antioxidant properties of virgin coconut oil help to relieve mental stress and fatigue.

    Control Diabetes

    Virgin coconut oil can help to stabilize peak blood sugar level and promote insulin emission. At the same time it can stimulate the current use of blood sugar, thus helping to diabetes control.

    Increase Bone Health

    Virgin coconut oil can enhance the body’s capability to engross important minerals (including magnesium and calcium) needed for bone growth. Therefore, it is very valuable for females who are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis later the age of 40.

    Coconut Oil for Hair Care

    Coconut oil helps to make the bristles stronger and provides a glistening shine to the hair. Organic virgin coconut oil is considered as one of the most important natural medicinal care for hair, just apply it topically on the hair to get stronger and healthier bristles.

    Uses of Coconut Oil in Skin Care

    Coconut oil is great for all skin types and also coconut oil is rich in powerful anti-ageing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Coconut oil is widely used to treat various skin problems including heals burns, anti-bacterial effect, dry skin, heals skin wound, dermatitis, shields against UV radiation, and treats eczema and psoriasis.


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