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About Us

SACOMA GLOBAL is a multifaceted UK business with operations in the UK,EU and Africa. The Founders of SACOMA, Perez Ochieng and Sam Ochieng, have great business story to tell and want to inspire others with their experience, skills  knowledge and  with the most innovative and disruptive ideas, sharing powerful ideas, case studies, and innovative NPD initiatives, solutions and projects within Agriculture and Food Industry.

Perez Ochieng CEO and Director for Innovation

For our training and sector-specialist services, Perez’s innovative character and fascination with technology and knowledge have allowed us to continuously challenge the status quo. Award winning Innovator and inventor and pioneer researcher with a passion and commitment to make the innovation happen and proof the concepts. Perez combines scientific understanding, with strong business skills and a good network of business and academia and a community mentor and pioneer leader in Food Innovation and Industry. We work with our many partners to benefit everyone through knowledge, talent and ideas.

There are many overarching challenges which the company innovations also address such as reducing food waste, increasing nutritional value, and increasing productivity, social impact, creating jobs and reducing environmental impact across the supply chain.

As of today, a third of the fresh food we produce is thrown away, after requiring 70% of our water resources. More than 800 million people suffer from chronic hunger, while overweight and obesity go up in alarming rates. So, how can we expect to feed a population of 9.5 billion by 2050, when today the environmental and economic costs of food production are so high? How can we distribute food and nutrition more fairly


We are championing various business initiatives to provide more access to African food products into the UK/EU markets including pioneering initiatives that support Food artisans to develop new food products and launch into the market through the sacoma Retail Launch pad.

Our ethical supply chain model has won a number of major international awards and recognition in the UK and EU and Globally. We work directly with small-scale producers to source our ingredients so every purchase helps create sustainable incomes for farmers.


We are ready to contribute our ideas, insights, tech trends, Indigenous Knowledge, expertise and disruptive solutions on foods,  safety, processing, manufacturing, packaging, retailing, distribution as well as consumer and food artisan education. We have  a committed R&D team, ambassadors and  food scientists are incessantly developing Better food products to meet the demands of today's ever growing health conscious generation

We know we have a unique opportunity to drive positive change in all that we do at all level with our food supply chain. We want to make sure we give back to the communities we serve. We are mindful of our environment and the responsibilities of being a food business and knowledge transfer educators.



​Is to drive innovations that will enable our customers, consumers, suppliers, artisans, technology partner and ambassadors to work together to meet our healthy food supply requirements without harming the planet.


We value our people. We have integrity and pride ourselves on providing heartfelt service and building strong, long term working relationships and networks. We have a style and culture that is our own, but strive for continuous improvement, nurturing our Teams. We strive to build capability for all and respect and support our colleagues, suppliers, customers and the community around us.



​We are building an inclusive and innovative community where the consumer is actively involved; empowering consumers to take an active part in their  knowledge of foods, transforming the food system, through our community food champions and insight communities.

Our approach puts the needs and concerns of consumers at the heart of the food value chain, co-creating ideas to drive a more resource-efficient, secure, trusted and transparent food system. 


We are counting on our associates, customers, partners and other stakeholders to help shape innovative solutions and scalable Partnership with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities, and government; creates the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish. We aim to maximise the contribution of each of our component parts, working individually and collectively.


We strive to create a unique interplay between industry and research to bring to market food products that meet the Food Safety Regulations and shifting consumer trends that the UK/EU regime of Food Quality Controls.

SACOMA Global Foods Innovation is a key player in the new era of Health and Smart Nutrition. Exploring ideas and researching on what will the food of the future look like. Exploring what role diet personalization will play in disease prevention, protecting consumers health and supporting well-being and immunity


Our expertise across product innovation, R&D, manufacturing, international project management and extensive network within business and academia plus extensive contacts in international and the UK innovation landscape, particularly on Agritech or food innovation where Perez has a personal interest, devoted to the understanding and development of food technology and  science linking modern technologies to African Indigenous Knowledge (AIK) in food processing with international collaborations and continuous research


SACOMA Company has a hunger for adventure and finds joy in discovery through R&D and community insights. Our consumer education is a form of specialist food school that is improving food and beverage offerings, linking to food education provision and healthy eating in the community. We aim to raise our customers’ interest in food and the future market offers that help support improving consumer diets, access to nutritious food options that is also good for environment and rewards producers too for Future food systems and Global disruptive food innovations, consumer trends, technologies and R&D.

Our role is to facilitate connections and co-operation between these by creating environments that generates optimum conditions for the sharing of knowledge along with opportunities to make or put new food products into the market


Teaching consumer about healthy eating while sharing the benefit with the producers and understanding where food comes from. Our founders have the passion to make the innovation happen and have always been passionate about four things:

  • Creativity.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

  • Open Innovation Networks.

  • Educating consumers and food businesses about origin foods.

  • Reducing economic burden of foodborne disease.

  • Ensuring  farmers, producers and suppliers of our food have strong reputation for safety, quality and authenticity.

Before settling down in UK, Perez worked in Accounting and Finance in Kenya. Her time in UK in the UK education and academic sector opened her eyes to the idea of importing African fresh produce to help small holder farmers access UK/EU Markets.

But realised that African farmers/producers lacked innovations, strategies,  ideas and understanding of Food Safety Regulations and shifting consumer trends to enable them supply products that the UK/EU regime of Quality Controls for imports and a growing population that wants convenience, healthy diets, nutritious and sustainably farmed/sourced foods that do not cost the earth.

  • Support the local community and working with local schools and colleges to teach cooking skills and increase the understanding of food science and the food chain.

  • Supporting food Artisans torovide an environment where ground breaking ideas and innovation flourish, helping the markets stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.


  • Linking with partners, Disruptive Food Technologies and food preparation space for food innovators, training school, which will train future market traders and food workers across all levels.


But Perez feels there is still a void and a gap that exists in the UK/EU Retail space for African inspired ethnic recipes made with authentic African indigenous Knowledge and skills in food processing and preservation.



Our retail is leading in a diverse and engaging set of food offerings for the public and knowledgeable customers. We’re driven to be the very best we can be, products and services for people to enjoy.

We also set up sacoma global foods innovation as direct response to needs to build capability and capability of producers and empowering consumers to care for their health, loved ones and the environment. Producing and retailing food products that have Traceability, Authenticity and process methods that leave the foods wholesome and natural backed up with a proven quality processes.


Our office at the Innovation centres is home to our award winning Training Academy, offering a range of training and educational programmes. We are interested in creative and innovative processes that help us to understand the underlying patterns and forces shaping markets and societies, convinced that today’s food challenges require novel approaches. I have initiated and managed ground breaking projects, such as the IFE Innovation Award winning SACOMA sweet potato initiative, collaborative scenario planning and social research on consumer-driven innovation, Food Retail models based on food artisans and own brand, co-creation, disruptive manufacturing supplies and Clean Labels.

We keen on R&D on utilisation of new ingredients to solve global resource and health issues and their impacts on Quality of Life we are always working to connect with ideas that help to achieve this and more. We have expansive experience and qualifications in Food Innovation & Packaging and long industrial career in finance, capability building, Imports, Food supply chains, Logistics, NPD, R&D, PR, Branding and business management positions in UK/EU.


Her commitment to food innovation has seen her win several awards as global woman Innovator and Inventor including London Business awards for business woman of the year.

And 2017 won the IFE Food innovation award for the sacoma-kaney sweet potato initiative. In 2018 the sacoma company was selected by the commonwealth champion to promote the Uk products entry into the commonwealth markets.

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