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Celebrating Women Food Artisans & Creative Innovators


You’re invited…………to Celebrate the women food artisans who are transforming the world with supply chain Sustainability.


An evening of networking and free Net Zero drinks and net zero canapes crafted by master sustainability chef and creative food innovators!


We’ll have free net-zero cocktails and sustainable food and will be joined by expert speakers.


Food & Drinks & Networking





Join us to celebrate the women who are transforming the world through sustainability, impact  health and wellbeing , trade logistics , media and more







8th March 2024

4.30 pm -   8.30pm

SACOMA@ CEME event space

CEME Innovation campus

Marsh Way, Rainham, RM13 8EU


Together we are building a Sustainable supply chain that cuts emissions for a Net Zero Food Industry.



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About the Event :

Come and celebrate the women who are transforming the world through sustainability. This is an exciting opportunity to network with the women behind the innovative companies providing green solutions for food businesses for sustainable foods.




Agenda :


Arrival & Tour of Campus - 4.30pm


Opening Key Note - 5.00pm

Welcome speech by Perez Ochieng, CEO SACOMA Global Foods Innovation


Panel Discussion - 5.15pm

Theme : Understanding Sustainable Nutrition


Question : How do we feed a growing population whilst managing the accelerated environmental degradation of our planet?


Product Co-creation Partnerships & Net Zero Innovations - 6.45pm

Incorporating net-zero innovation, discussions, and collaborative learning to let you explore new and existing net-zero solutions and showcase eco-products, green solutions, and technologies.


Networking Drinks - 7.30pm

A chance to unite various stakeholders globally to achieve a common goal of net zero emissions in the food industry to invest collectively, foster innovation, and form strategic partnerships for the present and future of net zero foods markets.


THE END - 8.30PM


Celebrating Women Food Artisans & Creative Innovators

  • Dear Colleague,


    I am writing to extend a personal invitation to you for our upcoming event on Friday, 8th March 2024, from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm. We are gathering to celebrate women food artisans and sustainability creatives who are making remarkable strides in transforming our world through sustainable supply chains, impacting various sectors such as health, wellbeing, trade, logistics, media, and more.


    This event promises to be an evening of networking and inspiration, featuring free Net Zero drinks and canapés meticulously crafted by a master sustainability chef and creative food innovators. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to explore climate projects in collaboration with business partners in the UK.


    There will be panel discussion titled Understanding Sustainable Nutrition, which will be broadcasted on UKEN TV. This session will feature experts from academia, food manufacturing, digital solutions, and innovation start-ups, offering valuable insights and perspectives on this critical issue of sustainable nutrition by answering the question how do we feed a growing population whilst managing the accelerated environmental degradation of our planet?


    SACOMA Foods Innovations is committed to driving change across the food system by empowering consumers and fostering innovation. We believe that sustainable nutrition is a key mega-trend shaping the industry in 2024 and beyond.


    Food is undeniably at the heart of one of the greatest challenges of our time, and it is imperative that we work together to find solutions that promote health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability. Sustainable nutrition is the cornerstone of this effort, ensuring that food remains accessible, affordable, safe, and culturally acceptable for all.


    This event presents a unique opportunity to connect with inspiring individuals and companies dedicated to providing green solutions for sustainable foods. We would be delighted to have you join us and contribute to this important conversation.


    Thank you for considering this invitation, and we hope to see you there.


    Perez Ochieng

    Mobile No - 07764961489

    OFFICE : CEME Campus

    Marsh Way,

    Rainham, London, RM13 8EU

    SHOP :  159 Broad Street


    Essex RM10 9HX

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