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Managu ( DRIED )


Description :


Traditional African vegetables.


Dried Leafy Vegetables- MANAGU


Black Night Shade. (Solanum Nigrum)

African nightshades are several species of plants in the section Solanum of the genus Solanum, that are commonly consumed as leafy vegetables and herbs.[1] African nightshades are grown in both high and lowland areas in West and East Africa, particularly in Nigeria and Cameroon. There is a large variation in diversity of the African nightshades, which have many nutritional and medicinal benefits,


Nutritional information


The leaves of African nightshade consist of 87.2 g water, 1.0 mg iron, 4.3 g protein, 38 kcalories, 5.7 g carbohydrates, 1.4 g fibre, 442 mg calcium, 20 mg ascorbic acid, 3660 μg ß-Carotene, 75 mg phosphorus, and 0.59 mg riboflavin per 100 g fresh weight. The leaves also contain high levels of vitamin A, B, and C, and phenolics and alkaloids, including cocaine, quinine, nicotine, and morphine.


[1] Solanum species like S. macrocarpon, S. scabrum and S. villosum are found in many Kenyan vegetable gardens.


[2] A diet incorporating African nightshade is recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, as it is good for people with iron deficiencies, and malaria patients.

Managu ( DRIED )

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