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Earthen Clay Glazed Glass Set - 6pcs  (200 ml)


Description : 


Earthen Clay Glazed Glass Set - 6pcs  (200 ml)


gives several varieties of glass wares in your kitchen to show or serve delicious recipes to your relatives or friends. You will feel more comfortable with our products. Buy earthen clay glazed glass set online.


  • Traditional elegant look
  • Excellent finishing with Light weight
  • The real taste of food
  • 100% natural clay as the raw material.
  • Very easy to use & wash


More information on CLAY POTS COOKING (Eco friendly & sustainable earthen cookware and products)


SACOMA is setting new standards in healthy eating and food preparation

Bringing the ancient cooking medium home to the modern kitchen. We are excited to bring you the African Inspired, Modern and Health Related Home Wares For You. Earthenware has tremendous health benefits. Cooking food with it embarks nutritional value of the clay to the food.


All the SACOMA earthen ware cooking clay pots and products are certified to international standard (ISO certified).


Use these ‘one-of-a-kind’ clay pots to cook many kinds of dishes like cooking rice, boiling vegetables to make curries, soups and your favourite dishes. Cook 100% healthy, 100% non-toxic food for you and your family with these beautiful unglazed clay pots.

· Preserves the natural taste of food

· Very easy to use & wash

· Variety of health benefits

· Microwave Safe

· Use for Serving & Cooking


We are excited to bring forth our precious knowledge of science and cooking and introduce it to the eastern countries and around the globe. Earthen Cookware is different from other unglazed cookware including unglazed terracotta pots (that have the red colour). The clay is secondary clay that has natural contaminants like mica. Also, in most cases is made using additives, plasticizers, feldspar, extenders, dyes, talc, petalite, deflocculants etc.


Glazing is a disadvantage as it contains its own chemicals and toxins including lead and cadmium.No contaminants or toxins are added, it’s 100% primary clay, the highest quality natural clay without contaminants. Earthen Cookware is also the only cookware made from tested & certified primary clay. The porous material of clay helps water seep through it, letting you enjoy the mildly cool water. Not only this, but the mineral composition and porous nature of clay pots and other clay products also accentuate the flavour of the food we eat. Refreshing the memories and remind people about the traditional knowledge and benefits and uses of clay products. We sell clay products and clay pots that lead to a healthy, natural life and also revive our rich tradition.



 Our desire is to tell you the importance of these items and why you need to get some for yourself. If you are not an African, this is a great time to learn about items we used before and still can use. We saw the need to for these items hence we brought them to our store mostly remoulded into beautiful and contemporary designs for the modern home.


We want to highlight all the amazing benefits of using clay products. Not only do you get much more tasty and nutritious food but clay also adds more health points to the cooked food. Sacoma foods innovation and our technology partners are cooperating in re-growing these rich lost roots of culture into the modern environment SACOMA prides this initiative towards preserving our old culture.


Africa and India are well known for their tradition and so is their tradition of cooking with earthenware.  It’s an age-old concept that has deserted with time. This golden concept was then washed over by modernization as we moved to the stainless steel or bone china or melamine era. As leading innovators and inventors, the sacoma has a team entrepreneur who relished the idea of modernizing the knowledge and skills that the craftsmen and women  of African  countries carry.


Earthen Clay Glazed Glass Set - 6pcs (200 ml)

  • Do you know that Food cooked in clay pots is better for you

    According to Ayurveda Specialist at Dr. Vaidya’s, Dr. Surya Bhagwati, “cooking in a clay pot not only has a variety of health benefits but also makes for an easier cooking process and in the end, a more flavorful and nutritious dish. Due to its numerous health benefits, Ayurveda suggests cooking in a clay pot. Cooking in a clay pot is much better than cooking in a normal utensil, not just for its various health benefits, but also makes it much simpler to cook and improves the quality of the food at the end. The porosity and natural insulation properties of clay causes heat and moisture to circulate throughout clay pots. This makes cooking in a clay pot a much slower process but has added benefit of preventing amateur cooks from burning their dishes. More importantly, this causes the moisture and nutrient loss while cooking in clay pots to be much lower compared to cooking in metal or enamel lined utensils.”

    The most compelling reason to start cooking in unglazed earthen pots comes from the one thing it doesn’t do—leach harmful metals into your food.

    Beyond being good for just you and your food, unglazed earthen pots hold a lot of promise for the environment. Because they essentially come from soil, they very readily decompose right back into it when you dispose of them, to be completely bio-degradable, unlike teflon pans and steel pots which take up space in Goodwill aisles or fill up landfills.

    One other Dr. says, “The health benefits of cooking in a clay pot are vast. Firstly, clay pots add many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium and sulfur to food, which are extremely beneficial to our body. Clay is also alkaline and thus, acts neutralized the acidity in the food, which makes it easier for us to digest. Importantly, oil is not necessary for cooking in a clay pot and thus, it is observed that food cooked in clay pots are much lower in fat than food prepared in any other method.”

    As per Ayurveda expert , “In modern times, I wouldn’t suggest anyone to use clay pots majorly because they are glazed with substances that contain lead, mercury and many others that can be hazardous for health. If you manage to get an unglazed and pure earthen pot, you can start cooking in them after soaking them in water for some time.

    You can buy any modern earthen cookware products at amazing prices with Great Discounts and Free Shipping on Eligible Purchases.


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