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Hot & Spicy Sriracha Crickets




  • These crickets have been marinated in a Great Taste Award winning Sriracha sauce befre roasting.
  • High in sustainable prtein - contains all 18 amino acids, in a highly digestible form.
  • 100% adult's RDA f B12 in just one 12g serving (1/4 of a pot)!
  • Reseal able snack pt, perfect for sharing or as a snack on the go. Reusable and 100% recyclable.
  • Crickets are farmed in the UK and fed a 100% Sil Association certified organic diet.


Ingredients :

Acheta domesticus crickets, Aged red jalapeños, Garlic, Sugar, Rice vinegar, Salt.


Directions :

Ready to eat snack, just pop open the pot and you're good to go! Conveniently resealable if you need to save some for later :)

Hot & Spicy Sriracha Crickets

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