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Importing edible insects as foods into UK/EU from 3rd Countries


Information :


IMPORTING EDIBLE INSECTS AS FOODS INTO UK/EU FROM 3RD COUNTRIES.. ……requires authorisation before they can be placed on the market in UK/EU.


UK insect for human consumption sector and the global edible insects (farmed and harvested) market for insect-based products are growing. There is a process and cost for making application and submitting Dossiers for approval.


Insects for food are commercially farmed specifically for human consumption in line with current EU Food Safety Regulations and are prepared and packed in Food accredited facilities.


Toxological data, Laboratory tests and Dossier of evidence to be submitted for approval and regulatory hurdles, scaling production, understanding consumer sentiment, investment, and collaboration


Commercialization of this insect species under certain conditions of food safety, tests, preparations methods/technologies and intended use.


Imports of products of animal origin (POAO) from outside Europe into UK are subject, by law, to the Community Veterinary Checks Regime and require a validated Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) meaning they are fit to be released for free circulation as products for human consumption.


EATING INSECTS IS BECOMING BIG BUSINESS IN UK AND EUROPE: Insects are the future of protein. Edible Insects are the next Superfood Trend; Protein-rich insect snacks, powders and flours are gaining popularity. Insects are rich in nutrients such as amino acids, which are often absent in conventional foods.


In fact, many people are already eating insects in different forms without knowing it; bugs incorporated into many ready-made products: tomato sauces, flour, baked goods, snack bars, cereals, and cookies.


Register on our webinar to learn more about the insect sector register onto our seminar that will get you on your feet in the insect industry in UK/EU.


Understand the practical and theoretical knowledge needed for the safe and effective processing of insects for food products for exports to Europe.


Learn more about:


  • Evidence for Novel Food approval for UK’s growing Edible Insect sector.


  • Evidence of the safety of insect for human consumption (detailed laboratory analyses) and Nutrition value of insects.


  • Range of delicious, nutritious and sustainable products that have been developed as Ready-To-Eat products or as ingredients in minced meats, ice-creams, energy bars and snacks and more like sustainable and delicious food cookies.


  • Approximately 30% of the EU consumers are willing to eat insect-based food, a practice also known as entomophagy.


  • Independent assessment of safety to approve insects for the GB market.


  • Importing edible insects into UK/EU from 3rd Countries; The Rules and the Regulations.


  • The authorization of the insects for consumption as food and as ingredients.


  • How to develop suitable marketing strategies for entering the insect market in UK.


  • Identify key barriers, opportunities and  address challenges of safety, farming, processing, handling technology, and Business models.


  • Perception on eating insects and educating the consumers to understand and learn more about this high potential healthy food source plus the business opportunities thereof.


SACOMA Global Foods Innovation is delivering a number of seminars to exploitation of research on insects for food. Our vision of establishing insect-based food products in UK and Europe is to create added value for both people and planet, and become a guiding light for our  whole business' undertakings, as the company plans to diversify in own brand of insect as food products for both existing and expanded markets. Our company has a hunger for adventure and finds joy in discovery through R&D and community insights.


Our consumer education is a form of specialist food school that is improving food and beverage offerings, linking to food education provision and healthy eating in the community. We aim to raise our customers’ interest in food and the future market offers that help support improving consumer diets, access to nutritious food options that is also good for environment and rewards producers too.


How insects are being used in foods; Insect ingredients you have no idea you are eating; which food ingredients are made with insects? Pasta, Protein products, Confectionery including chocolate, Processed meat products & sausages, Grain-based products, cereals, breakfast cereals, Fruit and vegetal juices and nectars, Seasoning, sauces and condiments, Ready-to-eat savouries, snacks and meals,  fitness bars: Protein bars and many more. Get people eating insects; we want to open your eyes and mouths to the benefits of eating insects.


We want to lead the food revolution, elevating insect-based snacks from novelty to mainstream.

Importing edible insects as foods into UK/EU from 3rd Countries

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