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Maple Wood Smoked Crickets


Delicious snack, crunchy, deep smoky flavour. Something very different but perfectly enjoyable. Thanks to the Smokey flavour.




Farmed in the UK and fed a 100% certified organic diet, Bugvita Lightly Salted Smoked Crickets are a six-legged superfood! We take our Bugvita Whole Roasted Crickets and naturally smoke them over applewood to create a distinct, rich smokey flavour. We then toss the crickets in sea salt to enhance their natural savoury taste. One of the most sustainable sources of complete protein on the planet - crickets require less feed, water and land than beef, pork or chicken. With a mild savoury flavour similar to toasted nuts our whole roasted crickets can be eaten as a snack or used to create tasty, sustainable and unusual dishes. Insects are eaten by 80% of the world's nations, why not join them today?


Ingredients :

Maple wood smoked Acheta domesticus crickets, salt


Directions :

Ready to eat snack, just pop open the pot and you're good to go! Conveniently reseal able if you need to save some for later :)

Maple Wood Smoked Crickets

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