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Organic MenoKare Night Formula


Description : 


Organic MenoKare Night provides you with the best herbs that will aid you in tackling the sleep issues associated with menopause, regulate the hormones and offer a broad-spectrum health and contains vitamins B6, B12,D, E and C. Organic Alfalfa helps Reduces hot flushes. Organic Turmeric is known to have an anti-inflammatory action, helps accelerate metabolism and regulate hormones. Organic Milk Thistle is known to be a potent source of isoflavones. It helps reduce the hot flushes, night sweats & improves sleep quality. Organic Green Tea Extract is an antioxidant rich herb aids in overall well-being. Organic Shatavari Root is known to be a natural precursor to female hormones, hence, takes care of the hormonal imbalances. Organic Aloe Vera helps rehydrates the body. It is likely to have the tendency to undo the symptoms like night sweats and anxiety.


Organic Ingredients (Benefits refer to last page)

(#35) 250mg Shatavari Root Powder        (#1) 50mg  Alfalfa Powder

(#2) 150mg Aloe Vera Powder                  (#40) 50mg Turmeric Powder

(#27) 75mg Milk Thistle Powder              (#20) 25mg Green Tea Powder


How to Use : 

Take 2 capsules daily with food. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


Organic MenoKare Night Formula

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