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Raw Organic Rainforest Honey From Brazil 227g


Description :


In August 2019 this honey was awarded a Two Star Great Taste Award by the UK Guild of Fine Food.


Judges from the Guild of Fine Food who awarded this honey a Two-Star Great Taste Award described it:


"This honey drives the tongue on a multi faceted journey where flavours and landscapes rise and fall on the palate in a symphony of taste. Simply awesome."

"A beautiful burnt brown colour, with the most amazing heady aroma like walking into a walled rose garden. The flavour has great length and offers delicate floral notes, with great depth."


"The aroma of this honey is intensely floral.You can feel the heat of the jungle in the aroma. The colour is of a light caramel. This is honey on steroids."


"It has a burst of flavours which melt in the mouth."


It is a part-set part soft honey, with delicious melt-in-the-mouth crystals.

It has tasting notes of caramelised hazelnut truffle and mocha praline with a splendid lingering aftertaste of rose and dark chocolate.


It comes from bees feeding in the Santa Catarina rainforest in southern Brazil, home to over 20,000 different types of trees, flowers and plants - one in ten of all species known to man.


At least 44% of this delicious honey comes from the pink Mimosa silk tree. Mimosa extracts are used in traditional Chinese remedies for relaxation and calming the nervous system.


[Note: This honey does NOT contain any trace of nuts; it is pure, natural honey.]

It is raw, certified organic, unfiltered, unpasteurised and living... as natural as if you collected it yourself.


This honey tastes delicious straight from the spoon or mixed into cold water, makes a nutritious and refreshing drink.


Size: 227g (1/2lb) net weight in a glass jar
Colour: Amber
Set/runny: part set with crystals (crystallises in cold)
Organic: certified organic by the Organic Food Federation (UK), GB-ORG-04


Read on for more details about the origin, taste and uses of this part-set honey with crystals.

Raw Organic Rainforest Honey From Brazil 227g

  • Deep on the Atlantic coast of southern Brazil lies the Santa Catarina rainforest. With 20,000 different plant species, 40% of which are native only to this rainforest, it is the richest forest in the world in terms of tree species.

    Trees as high as 35m stand tall amidst dense vegetation and gushing waterfalls coming from the 1200m coastal mountains.

    The pollen composition of this honey is :

    44% pink Mimosa silk tree

    15% sunflower

    13% eucalyptus

    11% Brazilian cashew peppertree

    3% palm

    3% ailanthus (tree of heaven)

    2% viper's bugloss

    2% holly

    2% bean plant

    1% rose

    1% sickle fruit

    1% rushfoil

    1% touch-me-not shameplant

    1% soapberry and buckwheat

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