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Raw Organic Red Gumbo Limbo Honey from Mexico 227g


Description :


In 2018 this honey won a One-Star Great Taste Award by the United Kingdom Guild of Fine Food.


The independent food judges who awarded this honey a One-Star award described it as:


"Amazingly dark and rich appearance. Very upfront and rose blossom notes ...An interesting journey of flavours and a great honey."


This wildflower honey with a very high pollen content is derived predominantly from the red Gumbo Limbo tree native to Mexico that is used locally for its properties to relieve the symptoms of hay fever and allergies.


This honey tastes so good that brown bears frequently attack its hives to get to the honey before the beekeepers can.


This honey contains a higher concentration of pollen than Manuka, Yemeni Sidr and local honeys. Many of our customers have reported positive results while using this honey to relieve the symptoms of hay fever.

Size: 227g net weight in a glass jar
Colour: light amber when set
Set/runny: crystallised set
Organic: certified organic by the Organic Food Federation (UK), GB-ORG-04


Read on for more details about the origin, taste and uses of this crystallised honey.

Raw Organic Red Gumbo Limbo Honey from Mexico 227g

  • 3000 feet high in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range in north-eastern Mexico lie vast swathes of red Gumbo Limbo trees surrounded by sunflowers and pistachio plants.

    This is a mountain wildflower honey that is produced by the bees that feed on the nectar from these flowers, trees and plants. Approximately one third of this honey is produced from bees that feed on the nectar from the fruits of the red Gumbo Limbo tree.

    This honey is so tasty that both brown bears and beekeepers from the famous Gomez beekeeping family race to gather this honey. What the Gomez family harvest is brought to your table straight from the hive, raw, living and unfiltered.

    The Gumbo Limbo tree (scientific name bursera simaruba) is a large tree that grows up to 25m high. It has a red shaggy bark that peels off in paper-thin strips and is native to northern Mexico and central America:

    Its leaves are 5-12 cm long and the tree produces small round fruits about 8 mm long:

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