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Raw Organic White Velvet Mesquite Honey From Mexico 227g


Description : 


In August 2019 this honey was awarded a One-Star Great Taste Award by the UK Guild of Fine Food.


"Gooey, like toasted marshmallows!" are the words customers use to describe this exciting new thick creamy white honey from Mexico.


It comes from bees feeding on the white mesquite trees that litter the 6000ft high plains of the Mexican Plateau in Aguascalientes state of central Mexico.


Known as the "tree of life" Native American tribes have considered it a superfood for centuries to promote health and vitality. They use every part of the tree for food, healing, fabric and flour.


Pods of the mesquite tree have properties that regulate blood sugar, promote fat burning and smooth digestion.


Wild mesquite trees are only found in Mexico and southwestern United States.

This honey has a 84% lab tested purity mesquite pollen count.


The judges who awarded this honey a One-Star Great Taste Award described it:

"A thick, creamy set honey with a bright, fruity aroma. The smokiness of mesquite is quite intriguing, adding balance to the sweetness without catching in the back of the throat. A complex product that could work well as an accompaniment to sweet and savoury food."

Size: 227g (1lb) net weight in a glass jar
Colour: white
Set/runny: thick set
Organic: certified organic by the Organic Food Federation (UK), GB-ORG-04

Read on for more details about the origin, taste and uses of this set honey.

Raw Organic White Velvet Mesquite Honey From Mexico 227g

  • The Mexican Plateau is a region of 6000ft high plains that cover most of northern and central Mexico.

    Wild mesquite trees fill the horizon of these arid desert plains. They grow from 8 - 20m high and bear pod-like fruits.

    Bees feed on the nectar from pods to produce our Raw Organic White Velvet Mesquite Honey.

    Once a year local beekeepers from the Gomez family harvest this honey so we can bring it to your table straight from the hive, raw, living and unfiltered.

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