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RUN EASY - Marine Collagen Peptides Powder Unflavoured  100 grams


Description : 


Enjoy easier running, cycling and workouts with our natural, unflavoured marine collagen powder from white fish. Known to help strengthen the myotendinous junction and improve muscle-joint interaction, it’s ideal to help prevent soft tissue injury and to aid recovery. The perfect collagen for runners!


100% premium marine type 1 collagen peptides from white fish. Gluten free. Nothing else.

  • Easy-to-digest clean ingredient. No artificial ingredients, gums, fillers, added sugar or GMOs.
  • Run Easy is highly bioavailable with a molecular weight below 2000 Dalton, reaching the blood stream within an hour of taking it.
  • Collagen production in our bodies declines from 25 years old. Marine collagen replenishes our declining collagen, supporting ligaments, tendons, joints, bones and muscles as well as skin, nails and hair.
  • Mix with water/squash/fruit juice and leave for a couple of minutes to reduce the collagen taste. Can also be mixed with coffee and smoothies.
  • Run Easy has a low impact on the environment compared to other sources of collagen.
  • Plastic-free packaging – Packed into metal tins which is easy to recycle again and again.



Easy to use. Mix with 250ml of hot or cold liquid, like coffee or smoothies. Take 1 x 5g serving twice a day (5g = 2 teaspoons). Each metal tin contains 20 servings x 5g = 100g



Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It’s found in our tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, bones, joints and blood vessels and is used to provide overall structural integrity.

After about 20 years, our bodies start to lose collagen. In the past, we made up for this shortfall by consuming collagen as part of our diet. However, as the food we eat has changed, the amount of collagen in our diets has declined. For anyone running, cycling, swimming or taking part in other endurance activities, the effects of this can be found in aching joints. This isn’t a recipe for easy running – and this is why we have created Run Easy. It is a clean source of marine collagen, easy-to-digest with a low impact on the environment.

Taken daily, Run Easy will help support your muscles, joints and bones as well as reduce wrinkles in the skin and strengthen hair and nails.



Marine Collagen Peptides Powder (unflavoured)

INGREDIENTS: 100% Type 1 Fish Collagen Peptides

ALLERGEN ADVICE: Contains fish

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please consume as part of a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed stated dose. Not recommended for children.


RUN EASY - Marine Collagen Peptides Powder Unflavoured 100 grams

  • Just one premium ingredient is used in Run Easy – marine collagen peptides powder.

    Our fish collagen peptides comes from the skin and scales of farmed fish species Tilapia and Basa (Pangasius). They are both freshwater white fish, first from Asia now farmed all around the world.

    • This single ingredient approach improves digestion, increases the amount of collagen per serving while providing value for money.
    • The fish skin and scales are processed in Europe to exacting food standards. Every batch is heavy metal and toxin tested.
    • It is then packed by us in the UK into our unique metal tins.
    • Free from gluten, dairy, GMOs and artificial ingredients.


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