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Sacoma Food Retail LAUNCHP AD For Innovative Ethnic Food Artisans

Get insights and disruptive game changing product ideas to develop, validate and launch products quicker, tackle new markets, and compete in innovation without the need for investment in infrastructure?..


‘‘Collaboration is the key to continuous food innovation to launch products, simplify industrial processes to get into retail and to maximize impact on global food markets. Industrial scaled production to unlock the market potential to expand your brand to other countries with Customized solutions to grow your food businesses’’


For this and more, Join SACOMA FOODS ARTISAN OPEN DAY Saturday 28th May 2022.


  • insights & disruptive game changing ideas to add to your own powerful food ideas.
  • original home-made recipes through industrial trials, reformulations, Lab tests and compliance.
  • significant breakthroughs in nutrition and new food products.
  • unique disrupting New functional Food Products & clean Labels.
  • Formulators and Food Technologists have been our partners for many years.
  • your recipes all around the world and develop new ones by demand.
  • Control Technology ensuring authenticity of ingredients, recipes & maximum safety.
  • value to your products by converting them into functional blends.
  • your ingredients with a smart Technology and  reach new customers.
  • your food products into retail supermarkets locally and globally.
  • product specification, promise of Quality and Due Diligence.
  • your food product idea into revenue producing business.
  • your new or improved product launched into the UK Retail mass Markets.
  • experts, professionals, other food entrepreneurs, universities, R&D, associations, and organizations to guide on the most innovative solutions.
  • sourcing and production, decrease your overall production costs and risks.


Insights on consumer trends and demands and discussions how to develop unique disrupting New Food Products for functional products, clean labels, and natural products, drinks fermented beverages that aid active lifestyle and boost immunity. Healthy beverage trends from sparkling waters, collagen soups to functional wellness shots and products focusing on mood, energy, Gut health, Powder Blends.



Learn more about our RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT support for food products with expert, extensive, exceptional and invaluable resource:


  • Product Development.
  • Reduction & Reformulation.
  • Substantiation.
  • Protein Food and Product Development.
  • Novel Ingredients.
  • Technologies for Food Powders.
  • and Aroma profiling.
  • and Structural Development.
  • Regulatory Standards and Quality Control.
  • Development.
  • Development  & Validation.
  • life studies.
  • scaled production to unlock the market potential.
  • Authenticity & Traceability.
  • & Vegetarian Food Services.
  • Powders and Blends.
  • Innovations & Logistics for Retail.
  • specification creation.


Whatever the stage or scale of your project, our dedicated R&D team can provide the support you need. We can work with you on concept ideation or further down the line to optimise or reformulate an already commercially-available product. Our reliable insights inform the development process and help you to move forward confidently.




This Retail Launch pad is a transformative innovation in the UK food supply system that creates opportunity and a platform for UK-African Food Artisans to enter UK retail markets.


The covid-19 pandemic has been a game changer for the food industry as people seek out diets that deliver HEALTH and WELLNESS gains around hot topics such as IMMUNITY, GUT HEALTH, WAIT LOSS and many more.


Learn LESSONS for Industrial scaled production of foods for Retail in the UK, challenges and solutions. We are bringing thought nutritional and trend experts, thought leaders and big brands alongside food innovators to discuss how to work in collaboration and possible solutions as we are joined by a host of industry experts to discuss these Themes:


Sacoma Food Retail LAUNCHP AD For Innovative Ethnic Food Artisans

  • Venue : CEME Innovation Campus, Rainham, RM13 8EU

    Time : 2pm to 6pm

    Fees : £50

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