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Straight Into UK Retrai Market Net-Zero-Carbon Foods & Climate Projects Supply


Title of the Event





Day 1 : Thursday 7th March - 2024 - Product Co-Creation Partnerships


Day 2 : Friday 8th March - 2024 - Conference & Networking

Create Diverse Connections to Launch your Product in UK/EU market


Day 3 : Saturday 9th March - 2024 - Market & Tech Tour Visit

( Womens Football  Tournament )

( Sacoma Food Boutique – THE RUNWAY TO HEALTH SHOW


Building a Sustainable Net Zero Food Industry and Supply Chain


We are looking to collaborate with innovators with a net zero focused solution that could transform UK food, drink, and agri-food sectors in our supply chain.


Day 1 - Thursday 7th March - 2024




With focus on giving food artisans and food businesses/enterprises, access

to co-creation opportunities with consumers, as well as the commitment to

commercialize the new or significantly improved product in mainstream

markets and its promotion and retail test sales.


We want consumers to be part of shaping this conversation; So prior

to the event, we will invite participants to share their insights and their

responses will directly inform the workshops and event activities,

ensuring that the content addresses the challenges and opportunities that matter to you.


If you are passionate about the future of our food system and

sustainable proteins, we invite you to join us at an afternoon event that will showcase the latest insights and innovations in alternative proteins. covering Research and Marketing insights, Innovations in technology and ingredients,  Product Designs.



Day 2 - Friday 8th March - 2024


Create diverse connections to launch your

Product in UK/EU market.




Opportunity for developing a climate project in cooperation with business partners in the UK, allowing these companies to secure price stability and reliable volumes of verified emission reductions. It is a unique possibility to be involved first-hand in the development of a climate project, define the

social impact the project will have in accordance with the UN 17SDGs and share the story of your project with stakeholders and companies that

want to take real climate action.


This day will be a show case of climate projects intended for Project

development with SACOMA Net Zero Foods Initiative. Our primary focus is on nature-based solutions and social impact projects such as

reforestation, restoration, and improved cook stoves, and technologies

that reduce, avoid, and remove carbon from the atmosphere. Every

climate project saves CO2, but we want  individual projects based on

different technologies such as Biogas, Biogas, Biomass, Improved

cook-stoves, Clean drinking water, Solar energy, Forest protection,

Hydropower, Wind energy, Energy efficiency, Clean oceans, Social impact projects, Regional projects (This can include activities in peatland

conservation, forest conversion, reforestation, biodiversity projects, and

much more..... )


Day 3 : Saturday 9th March - 2024


( WOMENs Football  Tournament )






Unique to this event is the platform for  showcasing of ideas for carbon

trade-offs and green products that could be beneficial in helping

governments and business to meet their net zero targets with carbon

trade off s and zero carbon ( carbon neutral foods ) and reaping the

benefits of carbon trade markets and environments and opportunity for

pitching these green products and new ideas to potential investors and

collaborators, including moving/trading goods through customs bonded warehouses, trade documents and services  and partnership with

companies that want to Get certified as a Net Zero Business , carbon

neutral foods and green products geared towards zero waste, circularity

and minimal environmental footprint.


Morning :

FOOTBALL MATCH DAY, International Women’s Day tournament, between a Kenya  Women’s football team and London Women’s Football Team. The tournament, sponsored by Kendamum, Run easy, hop bar as part of

Sacoma supply chain, Sports Innovation Group, is designed to celebrate women in football and to support community grassroots programmes

that provide girls with opportunities to succeed on and off the pitch.


The event will be officially opened by special guest.


Evening :

The SACOMA Food Boutique- Runway to health show.

( The official tournament after party event )


Food Fashion Show & DINNER



Straight Into UK Retrai Market Net-Zero-Carbon Foods & Climate Projects Supply

  • About Sacoma Retail Launch Pad Supply Chain Initiative

    PEREZ OCHIENG, CEO, Sacoma Global Foods Innovation.

    Welcome. We are turning intentions into real action and results require an active effort from all players in the food system. That is just one reason SACOMA foods contributes with several important initiatives and invites increased collaboration and knowledge sharing in the net zero and decarbonized food production and supply and Marketplace representing an incredible opportunity to grow sales in the UK and EU. This event is an opportunity for food businesses and Artisans from the UK and from all over the world to explore how they can grow their Direct-2-Consumer business through the sacoma Retail Launch Pad.

    I personally take a lot of energy from all of the other activities we have planned  for International Women’s Day and the exciting conversations that we have been having with our partners about how we can make active sports especially grassroots football accessible to women and  girls and women.

    Organized and hosted by SACOMA Global Foods Innovation, the event will take place from Thursday 7th – Saturday 9th March 2023, in London, UK. This dynamic event will bring together net zero innovations, discussions, projects and consumers for a collaborative learning to help explore the possibility of adopting new and existing net zero solutions. Businesses that  are looking to revolutionise their  approach to sustainability and drive clean growth,  should definitely register  interest for this event.

    Connecting our supply chains for a common net zero target, bringing together our food artisans, eco-products artisan, climate projects entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners from across the world, investing together, driving innovation and establishing smart partnerships for a NET ZERO FOODS Now and Future Markets.

    We are bringing together our ecosystem, key decision-makers and industry representatives to discuss the pressing issue of Net Zero Foods, Decarbonising cities, innovative alternative sustainable proteins and food waste management, as we are exploring innovative solutions, discussing co-operative practices and addressing the importance of policy to drive change.

    This 3 days market visit and Tech Tour for connecting food producers, enterprises and Artisans of Net zero (carbon-Neutral, climate neutral) Foods straight into Retail and mainstream markets UK and EU Markets and co-creating improved products for the trends in the markets for net-zero innovations and green transition. Invited brands, Artisans, manufacturers and farmers will have the opportunity to meet the consumers to explore the potential for their businesses in the market. This event is an incredible opportunity to learn more about products directly from the makers, and to establish those all-important relationships with consumers, understanding their trends and demands on things like product quality, traceability, packaging, responsible sourcing, skills, carbon neutrality, social impact and more interactive sports.

    We will also showcase eco-green products  and climate projects to companies interested in partnerships for their net-zero targets and for investing/financing projects all around the world to for a broad portfolio of high-quality and certified projects portfolio that’s consists of various technologies such as Nature-based solutions(Afforestation, forest protection, blue carbon, regenerative agriculture, improved forest management), Social impact (Clean cook stoves, clean drinking water, small biogas plants), Green energy (Wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, biogas/biomass, geothermal energy).

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