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Tasting Of Uganda Coffee

Develop useful ways to compare and contrast the various taste sensations that the UGANDA coffee evokes: Aroma, Flavour, Acidity, Body, Sweetness, Finish, Balance and learn more about the fresh roasted Uganda single-origin coffee beans. About Mushroom infused organic instant coffee and cold-coffee-sugarcane juice, silky sugarcane flavour filled flavoured coffee and many more.


This is not just a few friends gathering to sip on a good cup of coffee and chit-chat – it is an event of refinement and amazing stories of where this food comes from.


In the mountains, our farmers don't have access to fancy espresso machines or apps on how to brew the perfect cup. They simply grow the coffee to be enjoyed in its purest form, sweetened with honey.


One thing we are often asked at our retail shop in London is……..

What makes Uganda coffee so special, and what are these famous Mountains and Forest' that we read about in magazines?


It is estimated that a consumer stands in front of a product for between 3 to 5 seconds before deciding whether to purchase it. During this brief period the shopper will be recalling information previously learnt about a food category of brand.


We thought it was time to offer an explanation...

Uganda coffee experience and taste...

Ugandan coffee beans are brewed in the most natural way for an authentic specialty coffee experience.


You’ll be trying a wide selection of Arabica coffee brands from Uganda. From beans to grounded, medium roast to dark roast you’ll be the judge on which coffee is the best.  Biscuits will be provided.


Our approach is shifting focus from technology to sharing of the Ugandan coffee growing culture made unique by its focus on nature, forests, mountains, biodiversity, small roads and amazing stories of where the food comes from, the people, the farmers.

Tasting Of Uganda Coffee

  • Date: Join us on Friday 17th –Saturday 18th September 2021



    For more information :


    Mobile:  07764 961 489 

    Shop: 0203 770 9449

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