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Whole Natural Roasted Crickets

Insects are eaten by 80% of the world's nations. Why not join them today? Add then to your regular diet.

Don’t be afraid of trying insects as a food source, most of the world actually eats them, plus they are a great source of protein and nutrition. 60g of protein in 100g. It’s the future, a sustainable source of food that does not cost the earth.

I recommend you buy them if you want few people to give you strange look while you are up and about “snacking on them”.

An excellent replacement for nuts, without the toxic oxalates and other harmful substances.




Farmed in the UK and fed a locally sourced, vegetable based diet, Bugvita crickets are a Six-legged Superfood!

These Whole Roasted Crickets can be enjoyed as a snack or used in cooking. They have a mild, slightly toasted and deliciously nutty taste. Crickets are high in sustainable protein and contain all 9 essential amino acids, in a highly digestible form. What’s more, they provide 100% of an adult's RDA of vitamin B12 in just one 12g serving (1/4 of a bag).


Directions :


These crickets are ready to eat so pop open the snack pot and enjoy! Or add to your cooking as a meat substitute (perfect for Mexican and Thai dishes)


Nutritional information :



100% Acheta domesticus crickets



Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy value

445 kcal (1866 kJ)

Total fat

25.9 g


7.04 g


8.73 g


8.73 g


5.0 g

of which sugars

<0.1 g

Dietary Fibre

5.0 g


60.8 g

Salt (sodium)

0.4 g


1,410 mg


9.1 mg


19.9 mg


1,080 mg

Vitamin B12

19.2 μg

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

4.9 mg



People who are allergic to crustaceans may be sensitive to insects.



Whole Natural Roasted Crickets

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