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Calyx Wild -  Apple & Hibiscus Flower Fruit Drink


Description : 

A delicious and intriguingly moreish, beautifully balanced blend of red hibiscus flower, not from concentrate apple juice and ginger. Apple, hibiscus flower and ginger natural still drink.


We craft-brew soft drinks from flowers, fruit and spices for people who want to stay healthy and feel amazing. Inspired one New Years Eve by Raphael Ogunrinde, Calyx Drinks was formed in 2015 and now produced in Lancashire developed with Chester University food technologists. We create natural wholesome drinks from flowers, fruits and spices, perfected over several years.


Organic Botanicals

We create refreshing, healthy drinks using herbs, flowers and spices containing phytonutrients and antioxidants.

All our drinks are 100% natural, free from preservatives and artificial colourings and are vegan approved to make people feel better in the most natural way possible.


Our Method

Our traditional craft-brewing process extracts huge amounts of nutrition and flavour from organic flowers, fruit, and spices to create soft drinks that positively impact wellbeing and taste naturally delicious. Can be consumed on its own, served cold, chilled or warm or as a mixer with alcohol.




Pour the ingredients into a glass over ice. Stir with a bar spoon. Garnish and serve immediately.

To make it a cocktail, simply add gin!


Prep & usage

Enjoy chilled out of the bottle, in a glass over ice or warm. Serve as an alternative to alcohol, or as a mixer with rum, gin, vodka and cocktails.



12 months ambient (unopened, store away from direct sunlight), once opened replace cap, keep refrigerated and consume within 3days. Unopened, store away from direct sunlight.

Calyx Wild - Apple & Hibiscus Flower Fruit Drink

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