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Dipliciously Brilliant - Family favourites from my Indian kitchen


Book Description


Dipna Anand’s latest book. Released in February 2024.


Celebrity chef Dipna Anand has built an award-winning reputation for feeding the nation 'real authentic' Indian food with a sense of fun - but this is her most personal cookery book yet.


Packed with inspirational ideas, amazing photography, and incredible dishes you can create in your own kitchen, it showcases many of the recipes which helped Dipna to stay connected to her followers during the difficult days of lockdown.

You'll also learn about her roots, strong family bonds, new mobile curry truck, cookery school... and the 'magnificent seven' spices which capture the very essence of Indian cooking.


This is a real feast for the senses, capturing Dipna's passion, drive and contagious love affair with Indian cooking which comes, as ever, straight from the heart.


Please note that each copy is personally and hand signed by Dipna Anand.


Dipliciously Brilliant - Family favourites from my Indian kitchen

  • She’s a woman on a mission...

    A mission to prove that Indian food can be tasty and good for you at the same time. And if anyone can succeed in this mission, it’s Dipna Anand… As the third generation of a family of chefs, Dipna has cooking in her blood. For almost 40 years, her family’s restaurant, the Brilliant, has served traditional Punjabi cuisine of the highest order – praised by everyone from Prince Charles to Gordon Ramsay, who named the Brilliant one of his ‘Best Restaurants’ for a Channel 4 TV show. Now Dipna is taking the restaurant to new heights, building on those authentic recipes with ones of her own, some of which focus on healthy ingredients and low-fat cooking techniques. It’s a pioneering approach that’s set to shake up the world of Indian food..

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