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Vegan Collagen


Description : 


Youth is the most beautiful phase in our life. The energy, vigor, stamina, glow, lustrous hair, skin and sturdy bones are just remarkable. Well, everything in a healthy body exhibits the optimum levels at this age. The present fast-paced life has blessed us with abundant luxuries and ease in our daily tasks and I am sure everybody is just as happy to be in this current era. But most of the time our body is also subjected to the damage through the wear and tear process, external stressors, pollutants, various medical conditions, unhealthy habits, excess sun exposure, lifestyle choices, hormonal changes, oxidative stress, menopause, nutritional deficiencies and many other contributing factors. Besides the other underlying health issues, one most familiar outcome of these factors is the early onset of the degenerative changes in our body - the Aging process. And as our age advances, we also undergo the natural aging process, one that is inevitable. However, the early arrival of aging can be tackled with a certain lifestyle and dietary corrective measures and the gear of its natural progression can be slowed down as well.


Vegan Ingredients : 

(#3) Amla Powder 60mg

(#37) Spirulina Powder 80mg

(#)Sea Buckthorn Powder 50mg

(#)Gape Seed Extract 50mg

(#)Neem Powder 50mg

(#7)Barley Grass Powder 40mg

(#)Bhringaraj Powder 50mg

(#29)Pumpkin Seed Powder 35mg

(#)Acai Berry Powder 30mg

(#)Bamboo Extract 30mg

(#20) Matcha Green Tea Powder 15mg

(#) Goji Berry Powder 20mg

(#) Liquorice Powder 15mg

(#8) Beetroot Powder 15mg

(#) Biotin 5mg

(#) Vitamin C 40mg

(#)Hyaluronic Acid 20mg


How to Use : 

Take 2 capsules daily with food. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.


Vegan Collagen

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